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Mahmud, Jalal and Borodin, Yevgen and Ramakrishnan, I. V. and Ramakrishnan, C. R. Automated Construction of Web Accessibility Models from Transaction Click-streams.

Yue, Chuan and Wang, Haining Characterizing Insecure JavaScript Practices on the Web.

Lowet, Dietwig and Goergen, Daniel Co-Browsing Dynamic Web Pages.

Alrifai, Mohammad and Risse, Thomas Combining Global Optimization with Local Selection for Efficient QoS-aware Service Composition.

Suzumura, Toyotaro and Tatsubori, Michiaki and Trent, Scott and Tozawa, Akihiko and Onodera, Tamiya Highly Scalable Web Applications with Zero-Copy Data Transfer.

Tatsubori, Michiaki and Suzumura, Toyotaro HTML Templates that Fly: A Template Engine Approach to Automated Off-loading from Server to Client.

Wang, Guiling and Yang, Shaohua and Han, Yanbo Mashroom: End-User Mashup Programming Using Nested Tables.

Kongdenfha, Woralak and Benatallah, Boualem and Vayssière, Julien and Saint-Paul, Régis and Casati, Fabio Rapid Development of Spreadsheet-based Web Mashups.

Ludwig, Heiko and Laredo, Jim and Bhattacharya, Kamal and Pasquale, Liliana and Wassermann, Bruno REST-Based Management of Loosely Coupled Services.

Mei, Lijun and Zhang, Zhenyu and Chan, W. K. and Tse, T. H. Test Case Prioritization for Regression Testing of Service-Oriented Business Applications.

Conner, William and Iyengar, Arun and Mikalsen, Thomas and Rouvellou, Isabelle and Nahrstedt, Klara A Trust Management Framework for Service-Oriented Environments.

Pautasso, Cesare and Wilde, Erik Why is the Web Loosely Coupled? A Multi-Faceted Metric for Service Design.

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